Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Kinder, Gentler Approach

As a Physical Therapist, I continue to strive to find effective approaches for treating chronic pain and for 35 years I have listened to and learned from my clients.  I know that it is possible to transcend chronic pain and find joy, purpose and meaning in your life. It is a journey which requires a profound and fundamental change in your attitude toward as well as your relationship with your body. The first goal is to learn deep relaxation, letting go of emotional stresses in your life so that you can tune into the subtle sensations from your body. By identifying positions of comfort you begin to release the chronic tension in your muscles. Then with VERY GENTLE stretching and movement, you relearn natural balance and movement patterns.  Read more about my philosophy.

If Physical Therapy has failed you in the past and you want to try a different approach then please contact me. 

Physician referral not required for first visit. 

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Robin's Oldies

Every year I enjoy putting together a CD of oldies.  Each year has a different theme.